Tommasi family has been working the glass in Murano island from 1933.

The artistic technique of production of our items is a secret that our family has been handed down from father to son from three generations.The continuous updating in design, attention to marketing and the growing number of customers who work with our company have made our brand one of the leading brands in the field of Artistic Murano Glass  Made in Italy and in the world. In an alchemy of minerals and fire,from the sand glass is borne with its infinite myriad of colours and nuances. From one crucible,acquamarines are born,from another emeralds,rubies,topaz,amber,amethyst,and so on and so forth.All of the marvellous gems which nature gives us,all of these are imitated in the glass of Murano.

Murano,an island in the Venetian lagoon whose glass products are appreciated around the world for their beauty,for their quality,for their workmanship,for their prestige,and Murano,place where for centuries the secrets of artistic glass craftsmanship are guardedly passed on from father to son.

But in the creations of the Tommasi artisan boutique,you will find,along with ancient tecniques which require a certain mastery of the craft,an aesthetic creative and innovative sense which gives these creations a modern flavour.They are not objects from the past,but real creations a modern flavour.They are not objects from the past,but real creations of the most exclusive contemporary fashion.

A topaz is forged in fire along with gold,an aquamarine with silver,emeralds with aventurine and all of this springs to life as if by magic,thanks to some simple movements of the hands of the master glass worker who moulds the glass,giving itits shape.

The glass pieces are assembled and fused together in a formidable fantasy of colors in order to create the famous murrine millefiori which are then set onto refined mountings in gilded silver.

To call it simply glass does not really seem appropriate,we prefer to call them jewels in glass. By Tommasi, naturally.

You can meet us in the heart of Murano near the Museum, where you can visit our factory and showroom of our most representative items.
More of 4000 costumers (retailers, department stores, wholesalers, promotional company, Museum and so on) all over the world buy our Murano glass, increasing their business and making very good gains.
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