How to become a Tommasi Murano Glass exclusive dealer.

Register as a dealer entering your business details,after our check details we will confirm your registration.
Later you can see the prices reserved for you as a dealer after login.

News 2016
Supplies factory direct.
Opens season for supplies in Factory,we provide a wide range of products ready for delivery without minimun purchase amounts.
Scheduled your visit by appointment.

News September 2014
Special agreement with shipment courier for free customs clearance for Russian Federation

How can I become a retailer?

It’s very simple and inexpensive:
If you have a shop in a cleared area and you can reserve a corner of your exposure to the sale of our products, you can become our exclusive retailer.

How can I become a wholesaler?

Tommasi Murano Glass offer the opportunity for anyone who is in possession of its own sales network to be able to buy and resell our products, it is also possible by prior arrangement with the ability to supply your brand, product on your request, in a world exclusive.

What does it cost?

It’s just a first purchase of at least 1000 euros of net merchandise.
with a hight order than a 1000 euros for free send you all material to create an exhibition corner Tommasi Murano Glass -Made in Italy-. Exhibitors for rings, earrings, pendant, necklaces, stikers, posters, banners for indoor and outdoor banners, displays, Tommasi “Made with love” display, logo to showcase and much more for the visibility of our products on your store.

Minimun order without exclusive right is only 500 euro

What margins can I have?

The profit margin on recommended prices to the public is already very profitable, however, the selling prices are set free so that you can decide the profit margin you deem fit.

The unique area will be reserved for me forever?

Of course, exclusivity is valid forever as long as there is an order of at least € 500 every six months.
You’ll never have any obligation to make any order, but not making any order after those six months we will be free from this constraint.

Can you help me in the selection of the articles?

As first order we always recommend the customer to take the package deal in which it is already pre-set a good assortment of items that the most successful at the time. If you prefer to choose the items or replace them with no problems, you can choose freely.

Is my area free from your retailers?

send us an email with your details and request availability zone, our staff will check if there are dealers in your area Tommasi Murano Glass-Made in Italy-.
If your area is free to receive our adherence to exclusive reseller.

Can I become an online retailer?

Certainly, indicates your origin and your project online store with the country you intend to treat and evaluate this opportunity.
Also, you can request a supply with your brand

Want more information?

For further information please first read the FAQ section.
If you have any questions, please contact us
Phone: +39 041 736051
fax: +39 041 5276182